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About DroneShip® AFRICA

DroneShip® Africa is a Senegal based Delivery company providing services in Africa and the USA. Beside delivering packages using traditional delivery methods (motorbikes, vans, etc...) we are also pioneering Air Delivery using Commercial UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) most commonly named Drones. We provide Drone delivery service in Africa main cities and rural areas.


DroneShip® Africa Headquarters are based in Dakar (SENEGAL), our R&D office is in Palo Alto (California, USA). We are a B2B and B2C company with the ambition of being a leading Logistic Service Provider for customers looking at moving their packages and parcels in a fast, secured and reliable manner using our technology based platform. 

We provide the following services : 
- Freight Forwarding from USA to Senegal, 
- Ground Delivery services in Senegal,

- Drone Delivery services in Senegal.


We will be progressively expanding our coverage in West, Central and East Africa.

Our Management, Sales and Operation office is based in SENEGAL. Our R&D is run from our USA office which also handles Operations of our Freight Forwarding activities in the USA.

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